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Dr. David Lefkowitz

Dr. David Lefkowitz, clinical psychologist, can help you feel better, get past your stumbling blocks, and lead a more productive, fulfilled life. Choose qualified, sensitive help for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), ADHD, and relationship issues.

Therapy with Dr. Lefkowitz is all about facing your problems head-on and using practical, evidence-based strategies designed to make a real, practical difference to your life, as soon as possible. You and Dr. Lefkowitz will work together and implement techniques that will teach you how to cope with uncomfortable or negative feelings and function better in the real world.

You don’t have to struggle alone; do the right thing for you and get the help you need. Dr. Lefkowitz’s office is a safe place where you can explore problems and work toward a better, more enjoyable life. For therapy in Flatbush and Borough Park, call today or fill in the contact form and click send.

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Tackle your problems and lead a more productive life

Leave obsessive thoughts behind

Don’t get stuck revisiting the same ideas over and over again. Choose effective therapy that can free you to live a normal life.

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Lead a life without depression

Learn tools and techniques to break the cycle of negative thoughts, and regain the ability to study, work, and live a productive life.

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Improve your marriage

Reopen the channels of communication, disagree without fighting, and turn your relationship into a source of mutual support.

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